The Daily Forex Signals team trade with CederFX broker using MT4.  This is a CFD Trading Platform which enables you to trade on movements in the price of shares, indices, commodities and Forex, without having to buy or sell the underlying instruments themselves.

We have tried and tested the majority of brokers out there and have found that Cederfx is simple and easy to use. Combined with our technical analysis we have managed to grow our account to in excess of £500,000.

We recommend starting with an Initial deposit that you are comfortable with.

About Cederfx

Cederfx are an independent Broker with a vision. There aim is to combine the finest market conditions available with unbeatable pricing and technology, creating the ultimate trading environment for clients to grow their accounts. Their platform provides fertile ground for traders to practice and improve their skills. With zero commissions and no transaction fees, a no-frills broker enabling you to make the most out of your funds.